Lego Friends – The Official Game Play Trailer

The most popular Lego girls’ theme has just unveiled its new official game trailer. With Heartlake City in the center of all the action the most popular characters like Andrea or Emma will have plenty of activities to explore and play with.

Warner Bros is the responsible for posting the new trailer for this exciting new Lego game which will be for now available for Nintendo DS and 3DS. Below you can see in detail all the main game features which at the first glance give total freedom to the players to do what they wish most at any time, not only in terms of customizing the characters, but also to choose in which part of HeartLake city they want to play.

The game is already available for preorder in Amazon and will be on retail in the last day of November. Continue reading

Lego Friends 3932 – Andrea’s Stage

Andrea’s Stage is one of the best 2012 entry sets of the friends’ theme. For less than ten dollars you get plenty of fun and animation in almost ninety pieces. The set has one mini-doll, Andrea, a nice and detailed piano, a small stage with a microphone and a wide entrance made with an arch and two nice side curtains. It’s amazing the quantity of nice details in such a small set.

The black piano is definitely a must. Not only its feet but the entire body is surely well done. The keyboard is made with 2×1 pieces mostly used in the truck’s grills (very similar…) and on both edges there is room for a crystal glass and a microphone holder. The seat is also typical of these occasions and I must say that the color combination was well chosen.The stage’s entrance is made with some arch’s pieces and just behind it there are two red curtains made with symmetric pieces. Continue reading

Lego 41005 – Heartlake High

The Heartlake High is the second biggest set of the Friends Summer wave, only surpassed by the Dolphins Cruiser. It has almost five hundred pieces and includes the Heartlake High school, three mini-dools which are Stephanie, Matthew (this one is new), and Ms Stevens, their teacher. Besides them, the set has also a nice basketball hoop, a big study bench and table and finally a new blue bicycle.

The building is made mostly with yellow pieces that combine on the edges with two different blue shades which definitely gives it a very pretty look. At a first glance we can easily see that the high school has four distinct elements that thanks to a couple of technic pieces and respective pins are easily attached to each other.

But better than that, and just like the modular buildings, these four blocks can easily change of position, providing the building multiple configurations. Continue reading

Lego 41006 – Downtown Bakery

The Downtown Bakery is a new friends building with two ladies: Danielle and Mia. With more than two hundred and fifty pieces, at the first glance we might think that it is more of the same but actually there are a few interesting differences specially the part of being a nice corner building, which I think is different from all the rest.

The set, as usual, brings a great color combination with plenty of different shades- I guess that there are a couple of new on the theme – and a bunch of new details not only inside but also in the outside. Besides the building and the two dolls, there is also a big oven for baking the cakes and an expositor to sell them to the costumers.

Having a look at the sidewalk, Continue reading

New York’s Toy Fair 2013 – Castle and Friends’ new set pictures

I guess that this Toy Fair show, which was held in New York, has definitely brought us almost all the news as it concerns to the new summer sets.  From Castle there was already some information about the new sets, however there we’re still a small number of available pictures that could show us more details about them.

The girls’ favorite theme revealed, I guess, all that will be released this Summer and I’m sure that the fans will definitely be delighted with what’s is coming up next Spring and beyond it.

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