Lego 60107 – Fire Ladder Truck

The Fire Ladder Truck is a new fire vehicle with two hundred and forteen pieces that will soon hit stores, just like the rest of the first 2016 city wave. This pretty fire set features besides the vehicle, two fire fighters (a couple) and a few small accessories such as a fire tank in flames and a couple of walkie-talkies and extinguishers.

Three years have passed since the last wave of fire sets, so I think that there was a bit of curiosity about what was coming up, and looking at the first images, I would say that there are reasons to be

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Lego 60002 City – Fire Truck

The tile of this post could easily be 60002 against 7208 – find the differences. Despite all the differences between the two vehicles, the similar size, the colors and the flat windshield of the new 60002 truck easily transport us to the current (not for too long) fire station 7208, particularly to its ladder truck.

Although all these similarities, the new truck has most of the features disposed in a different way. The ladder structure is simpler this time, but with the same efficiency, and is mounted on the top of the structure saving space for the coiled hose, a small water pump that connects to the urban network, three pressure gauges and even a little clip for a walkie-talkie.

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Lego City 4208 Fire Truck

When you look at this fire truck, the first things that come to your mind are competent, robust and complete. The vehicle is not very big but it has everything (or almost…) to get in a fire theater. Although, it contradicts this year’s tendency in terms of number of mini figures: it has only one fireman, when it should have two.

The vehicle is basically divided is four parts: the cabin, a control room, a carriage compartment and finally the roof, with its big fire hose. The cabin has an ordinary structure, a big windshield, a steering wheel and seat and two old but nice side doors. Compared with other 2012 sets, the rear mirrors look old fashioned. Continue reading

Lego 7239 – Fire Truck

This Fire truck is one of the most consensual sets in fire theme. It combines perfectly with rescue sets or even with a fire station. Personally it’s one of the vehicles that are parked in my 7945 fire station. The set is composed by a 6 wheel truck and a trailer with a boat. The truck is quite complete in terms of equipment. It has a small room to store some equipment, a box with helmets, masks, oxygen bombs and all other stuff that you remember to put there.

The hose in the left side and the stairs in the roof make this truck an excellent vehicle to attack an urban fire incident. The two firemen that are present can perfectly handle with all the operation. In a crises environment, a fire for instance, the vehicle is immobilized the two supports that are gathered in the middle of the truck.
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