Lego 10263 – Winter Village Fire Station

Its release date was already known for a while and finally, here we go for the new Creator Expert Set: the Winter Village Fire Station, a seasonal set with exactly one thousand and hundred and sixty six pieces, considerably more than in other years, but with plenty of great details to enjoy!

The box contains a beautiful vintage building with two distinct floors and a big red door, a fire truck that keeps the same but usual seasonal trend, with some nice but old details, a nice iced fountain , a Christmas tree, a Dalmatian and seven mini-figures (four fire-men, a lady with a baby, the ice hockey boy and the grey statue in the lake).

Inside, it is possible Continue reading

Lego 60110 – Fire Station

Here is a set which I would certainly buy, if I had space for an extra fire station. This new City set is the biggest fire station of the last years with nine hundred and nineteen pieces that features besides the big building, a fire rescue truck, a small car, probably for the chief, a small helicopter, six mini-figures (five fireman and a civilian) with lots of accessories and finally an unusual hot-dog cart that unfortunately seems to be on fire.

The Headquarters is definitely fantastic. As you can see, it is constituted by three different elements, two garages of different sizes, one on each side and, in the center, the building with three floors.Lego-60110-Fire-Station-city

The ground floor has  Continue reading

Lego City – 2013’ Fire Sets

This is the part of the year when rumors about new sets start to intensify and the first pictures or even the set numbers begin to be confirmed. It’s the case of the city theme, were some reference sites start to talk not only about the new vehicles or buildings but surely about their numbers.

The new stuff looks great (if it’s confirmed, obviously) and the fire and police theme are for now the best clients. Talking about the firemen, looks like that at least seven sets are ready to go. There will be a new fire helicopter, a new fire boat, a Ladder Truck, a new and different Fire Motorcycle, a vehicle for the Fire’s Captain, a Burning Hut and also a new Fire station.Quickly, it looks that the Ladder Truck will have two mini-figures Continue reading

Lego City 7945 – Fire Station

The Fire Station is one of the most exciting city sets of the history. It is a most in every town and in my opinion is perhaps even better than the newest 7208. The set, besides the building, has a huge fire truck with the finest ladder mechanism, an emergency rescue vehicle, four firemen, and lots and lots of tools and accessories.

Starting by the station, it integrates perfectly the two vehicle’s garages with a central headquarter with two floors. I specially enjoy the corner of the washing area. It is cozy and in case of need it is an extra parking place for others fire vehicles. Starting building it, you will notice that the complex is mounted in three steps: the two garages, separately, and the central building which ate attached through a couple of pins on both sides.On the right side of the building there is the smaller garage. It is no big deal because there are no walls, juts some columns that will support the roof and the gate. Continue reading

Lego City 7208 – Fire Station

A Fire Station is one of those sets that are essential in any town. Besides that, when we think about Lego city, this is surely one the sets that comes to our minds. This Fire Station is a 2010’ set, it has four firemen, an emergency vehicle, a ladder truck and of course the station with 2 garages and a two floor building.

In the ground floor there is a small desk with a computer and a registry machine as well as a coffee machine. Looks like that this is an attendance area where additional care services are provided. The first floor is basically a resting room with two beds and at a corner a nice seat and a flat TV set.The garages are built separately, and globally its structure is similar to the previous headquarters 7945, but only this time, Continue reading