Lego Fan Event 2012 in Lisbon – Part 7: Technic

The Technic models were also present in great number and its exposition was also very big. There weren’t models with less than several hundreds of pieces, and some known set models were present, such as the Volkswagen 10220 or even the Logging Truck, 9397, but the majority was surely personalized creation.

There were trucks for every kind of taste, with plenty of features and nice details and I wonder the time that was spent to create and build those models. There were also several types of trucks, since the typical American with a gigantic engine in the front truck until the usual European vehicle with a huge trunk bed or even with its long trailer.

I especially remember a yellow model that was perfectly the extension of the known city model, the 3179, repair truck. Continue reading

Lego Fan Event 2012 in Lisbon – Part 6: Buildings and Sculptures

The diversity of sets and MOC’s didn’t end in the cities or in the space theme. The Lego Fan event had space for multiple buildings and sculptures all around the exposition. I was impressed with the realism of the constructions as well as with its diversity. I was really amazed with that.

Talking about the buildings, there where some international and known monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, the Watch Tower, and some other more. Typically from Lisbon we could find the Belem’s Tower, the Lisbon City Hall, the Carmo’s Headquarters and even the castle. I can’t imagine all the work and all the research to plan and build such detailed buildings....Continue Reading...

Lego Fan Event 2012 in Lisbon – Part 5: Space

The space sets and Moc’s were just next to the city. For them, it was reserved a big table and they surely deserved it because the amount of creation was huge. This was perhaps one of the most customized environments. I was quite impressed not only with some buildings but mostly with the space trains.

The trains were actually monorails with an amazing aesthetic, as you can see by the pictures. The terminals and station were not also forgotten and they all were quite well integrated in the space base. One of the trains even passed through a tunnel that was right in the middle of a building....Continue Reading...

Lego Fan Event 2012 in Lisbon – Part 4: The Pirates

For the Pirates, it was reserved a considerable table with plenty of Space. The boats were almost endless with nice details such as the sails, the custom mini-figures, the cannons and much more. There was even a so called “nau dos descobrimentos” a typical Portuguese boat of the fifteenth century (discovering age).

But the theme wasn’t just for the bad guys and its boats. The pirates had also an interesting village in a hidden bay with plenty of things to look at: a big watermill, a fortress, and even a suspended jail for the prisoners where some of the many features that this village had. Sharks everywhere and some small rafts composed the shore. The skull cavern was not even forgotten.

But the army was rather well prepared with dozens of soldiers, cannons, a big white fortress and some very nice custom ships. Continue reading