A Great Factory Play Set from Lego Ideas

In a time when new 2017 are ashamed to appear, I’ve passed through this ideas project, a Factory Play set. Despite being a bit square, it shows a considerable number of elements to enjoy with plenty of interesting details.

According to the project page and as you can see through the pictures, the factory is divided in three parts, the factory itself with silos and a lot of production facilities (including a molding machine) in its interior, a design studio on the opposite corner and finally a reception in the middle of the building. Outside, there is also a bicycle stand, a Lego outdoor and four mini-figures.lego-ideas-factory-play-set

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Lego Group will build a factory in China

Lego officially announced the building of a new factory in China. The so called globalization, and its consequent issues, advantages and of course profit maximization – China is probably the biggest market in terms of potential revenues and growth – made Lego to take the decision to build in 2014 their own facilities in this Asia country.

The factory, with an investment of several hundred millions of dollars, will be built in Jiaxing, a region that has around five million people, and is planned to start producing in 2017. One of the main reasons for that is that it’s near the existing logistic platform for Asia with the consequent advantages that can be taken from that.It will have a size of almost 120.000 square meters and will employ around two thousand employees. All the ...Continue Reading...