Lego Carousel officially revealed

Lego has just officially revealed the new Creator Expert set, the Carrousel (10257), a fairground masterpiece with two thousand six hundred and seventy pieces that includes also seven mini-figures (a ride operator, mom, dad, boy, girl, grandmother and a granddaughter) and a sales ticket stand.

And I definitely love it. The carrousel includes among other things five brick built animals (a swan, an elephant, a tiger, a flamingo and a frog.) which move up and down just as the big carrousel rotates.  Unfortunately the power functions are not included which is an extra cost to extract all the possible fun and playability from the set should be Continue reading

Lego 10254 – Winter Holiday Train

What an awesome surprise! Lego has just unveiled the next Expert Creator set, the new Winter Holiday train, a set with an endless beauty and absolutely an indescribable upgrade of the latest model (10173) which was releases almost nine year ago!

The new Holiday train has seven hundred and twenty four pieces and shows an old style locomotive, a cool wagon which will be responsible to carry the additional power functions, a flat wagon with lots of presents and a Christmas tree and finally, at the back, a small passenger carriage.Lego-10254-Winter-Holiday-Train-creator-expert-6

Besides this lovely train, the set Continue reading

Lego 10252 – The first pictures of the new Volkswagen Beetle – Updated with official information

–Huge update! Lego has just unveiled, officially, the new Creator Expert set, Volkswagen Beetle that will be available for VIP members next July 14th and general public in August 1st. Please have a look, below, to the offcial press release, detailed pictures and designer video.–

The first images of the new creator expert set, the Volkswagen Beetle, have just been posted on Eurobricks, showing clearly all the details of this new awesome automobile icon. Unfortunately, Lego hasn’t authorized, generically, the publication of images, so I won’t put them now, but you can still see them right

The set box images show Continue reading

Lego 10253 – Big Ben

The new Creator Expert set, the Big Ben (10253) has been officially revealed. The fantastic masterpiece features four thousand and hundred and sixty three pieces and measures sixty centimeters high and forty three of length which is simply awesome in terms of size and building experience.

Showing predominantly a light brown color the incredible Westminster Palace shows unbelievable details such as the garden and  water in the base, the endless number of small windows, the multiple crosses on top as well as the detailed small elements and of course the main attraction, the Elisabeth tower with the Big Ben.Lego-10253-Big-Ben-creator-expert-7

The top of the Continue reading

Lego 10252 – The New Volkswagen Beetle?

The rumor is not properly new but just as the time flies, the clues that this might be the next Creator Expert set are getting bigger and bigger, but, unfortunately, there aren’t for now any additional details about the type of version (some speculate that might be a similar model of the 2008 release, others mention the possibility of a new beetle) that will be part of the set.

However in the past days, Brickset has created a set page in advanced models containing some numbers about this possible car: it will retail around the hundred dollars that puts it in a piece count range around the thousand pieces which sounds very interesting!Lego-10252-creator-expert-beetle

This new set with the number 10252 Continue reading