Lego 60152 – Sweeper & Excavator

Here is another great vehicle from the new wave of City sets. The new Sweeper and Excavator is perhaps one of the biggest Winter presentations, until the moment, and features around three hundred pieces and surely a lot to play with.

The set includes a truck with a double sweeper at the front, a long trailer that is considerably wide according to the usual standards, a yellow excavator, two mini-figures (road workers) and some additional accessories like tools (a wrench, a shovel, a broom and a jackhammer), a traffic sign with a light on top, a couple of road signs and a small wall under

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Lego 60075 – Excavator and Truck

The Excavator and Truck is a new 2015 city set with exactly three hundred and eleven pieces that features a yellow excavator, a blue truck, a conveyor, a couple of mini-figures (two constriction workers), and a few additional accessories such as a box with dynamite and tools for the workers and a few bricks to load and unload from the truck.

The set looks incredibly awesome in terms of playability featuring a load and unload cycle of the several bricks through the three different elements that are part of the set. The idea is to grab the pieces with the winch, put them in the conveyor and then load them into the truck. Once loaded, they easily fall just by triggering the tipper door at the back and then the all process can be started once again.

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