Lego 41316 – Andrea’s Speedboat Transporter

Andrea’s Speedboat Transporter is a Friends set that will hit stores next Summer. With around three hundred pieces, it shows some nice stuff to enjoy namely a speed boat, a convertible with a trailer, a small harbor with an esplanade nearby and two mini-dolls (Andrea and Emma) with the usual accessories.

As always on this theme, the multiple colors used on all the elements give the set a really nice look.  The car for instance, that globally looks larger than usual and not very long, mixes purple with light green and the final result looks good. Inside, the cockpit seems to have the appropriate space for the handlers, the girls and also for a guitar.Lego-41316-Andrea-Speedboat-Transporter-friends

Right at its back, the trailer shows Continue reading

Lego 41311 – Heartlake Pizzeria

The Heartlake Pizzeria is a new Friends set that has recently hit stores. With exactly two hundred and eighty nine pieces, it features a pretty colored Pizzeria with two floors and an endless number of features and accessories to enjoy, a delivery vehicle and two figures: Emma and Oliver.

The building, built upon a 16*16 purple plate, looks fantastic and it’s clearly divided in two areas: The ground floor is all occupied by the Pizzeria and all the things that are necessary to make and deliver the pizzas. The first floor, on the other hand, is basically a restaurant in a great balcony with all the necessary furniture as well as a nice Pizzeria-friends-3

The entrance isn’t Continue reading

HeartLake Performance School (41134) First Look

A picture containing the new Friends Heartlake Performance School (41134) has been unveiled on Lego Rebrick, showing, despite the small size and resolution of the picture, some of the main details of this new set that will have exactly seven hundred and seventy four pieces.

The set box shows a nice building with two floors, a yellow bus that is causing a lot of expectation, a small stage, an outside table with some seats, three mini-dolls (Andrea, Mia and Emma? – through the picture it’s not 100% clear…) and the usual number of tools and accessories for the girls!lego-41134-HeartLake-Performance-School-friends

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Lego 41098 – Emma’s Tourist Kiosk

Here is another Friends set that a person that I know will certainly beg to get their hands on it. It’s not big, it’s not expensive and if we join the fact that it brings some nice elements to play with, then I guess that is a good reason to have a closer view at it.

Emma’s Tourist Kiosk is a new Friends’ set that has been released recently. It has exactly ninety eight pieces that features the Tourist Kiosk with lots of small accessories, a bench with a red mailbox, a white water pump, two tinny roller skates (are they a new piece??) and a mini-doll, Emma.

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Lego 41095 – Emma’s House

Emma’s House is a 2015 friends set that has recently hit stores. With exactly seven hundred and six pieces, it is the head set of this wave and features a big purple building field with really nice details, three figures (Emma, Charlotte and Luis) and a few accessories such as a blue bicycle, a second garden and a small bird with its house.

Let’s have a look at the outside! With lots of flowers everywhere, the entrance looks fabulous with a white fence that includes a mailbox, a plant with an arch’s shape and a nice little path made with plenty of small stones. Once at the door, there also a lamp at a corner and a printed piece with what it seems an intercom.

Inside, the Continue reading