Lego City 7631 – Dump Truck

The Dump Truck is a 2009’s construction set. It is a must in any town whether you have more construction sets or not. It has one mini-figure (it should be two, but three years ago that was the tendency…), almost two hundred pieces and some tools and accessories for the worker. An ordinary worker, I would say!

The truck has a rude and strange design, typical of this kind of vehicles. But the final result is very good. It is rather high with big wheels and at the rear a tipper bed where big rocks (which are present in the set) can be loaded and unloaded from any kind of work on the road. The sign it, there is a traffic sign, two road light signs and some barriers that will ensure that all the other city vehicles view the works at time. The ...Continue Reading...

Lego City 4434 – Dump Truck

The Dump truck is a 2012 set and has a very nice and solid design. Its construction is basically divided in three steps: The chassis that has a various quantity of different colored pieces, the cabin which is basically very similar to other models and the tipper bed with a back door in order to unload the stones. The set has also two mini figures, workers, a security barrier, a wheelbarrow and lots of stones.

The chassis has an ordinary structure, typical of this kind of vehicles, and besides the cab’s base, it has also the tipper mechanism to attach the truck’s bed. 2012 has been presenting us with pieces of several colors in the chassis and this one is no exception: blue, light brown, grey, green and red (uuufff…) are apparently abusive but the final result is softer that it would be expectable. Continue reading