Lego 75182 – Republic Fighter Tank

The Republic Fighter Tank is a new Star Wars set with three hundred and five pieces that will be available on stores next June, during the next wave of Lego releases. The set features, besides the vehicle, four mini-figures (a Clone Trooper Gunner, Aayla Secura, and a couple of Battle Droids) with assorted weapons.

And definitely I like it. Being smaller than other previous models, its sturdiness and fire power are surely one of the main highlights that caught my attention! With a nice color scheme, mixing dark red and grey, it shows a traditional front in this type of model with a cockpit slightly raised and surrounded by powerful weapons.Lego-75182-Republic-Fighter-Tank-star-wars

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Lego 75085 – Hailfire Droid

This isn’t for sure the most appellative set in terms of design, but it’s one of the most destructive vehicles present on the Episode II: Attack of the clones. With exactly one hundred and sixty three pieces the set has besides the droid, three mini-figures (two gray super battle droids and a clone trooper) with different weapons.

In terms of color scheme, the vehicle looks really nice, mixing an unusual brown, used on most part of the pieces, with gray. The Droid isn’t piloted, showing a central structure where the wheels and the respective technic mechanism will be attached as well as most of its fearful weapons.

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Lego 75091 – Flash Speeder

The Flash Speeder is a new star wars set that will hit the markets in the next months. It brings a bit more than three hundred pieces and features the green canopy used by Nabbo’s security forces for patrolling their cities and five mini-figures (Captain Tarpals, a couple of Battle Droids and two Nabbo Security guards) with multiple accessories.

The speeder is mostly built with green bricks and brings some interesting features to play with. The vehicle itself looks particularly wide and as a consequence, the cockpit, that shows a pretty small windshield at the front, has a lot of space in the interior, featuring all the appropriate handlers, a small panel in the middle and two seats for the guards.

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Lego 75086 – Battle Droid Trooper Carrier

The Battle Droid Trooper Carrier is a new Star Wars set that will be available on retail in the beginning of 2015. With a considerable size, five hundred and sixty five pieces, the set features the big Trooper Carrier that includes a small detachable space craft and fifteen (!!!) mini-figures which is absolutely unusual in a Lego set.

A new Gungan Warrior, two Battle Droid pilots and twelve Battle droids compose this huge army, giving this set an enormous potential in terms of playability. The Trooper Carrier can also be split in two, transforming the front in a small space craft for the two pilots.

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Lego 75016 – Homing Spider Droid

The Homing Spider Droid is another new Star Wars set with almost three hundred pieces. And this one is definitely pointed to the real fans because at the first glance it’s not easy to like it. I guess that a layman or a new Lego Fan will surely think: What do I do with this? And the four mini-figures that the set brings are sufficient to minimize this!

The set besides the Spider Droid has also a little robot and the mentioned four mini-figures: Two Super Battle Droids, a Clone Trooper and Stass Allie. And looking at the set box there is definitely a tendency of thinking:” where did the pieces go?” because it’s hard to imagine such a big quantity of pieces just in a spherical ball with four long legs.

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