Lego Elves – The 2018 Sets

Lego has just uploaded the official pictures of the new Elves set that will soon hit stores. The set list is composed by five new boxes that will surely delight the girls. One thing is for sure, they’re definitely quite colored and mysterious.

At the first glance, some of them seem to brings new animals (an eagle, for instance) that join the usual dragons and overall in terms of size, they seem to be considerably big (a few hundred bricks), attempting that we’re talking about elves. The sets should be presumably available on stores next January.

Have a look at them:

41190 – Emily Jones & the Eagle Getaway...Continue Reading...

Lego 70748 – Titanium Dragon

The Titanium Dragon is a new Ninjago set that will shortly be available on retail. As you can see in the pictures, it features a big white and grey dragon for Zane, a sort of outpost to fight back the beast, and three mini-figures with assorted accessories: Zane, Clouse and Chop’rai, the anacondrai snake in a total of three hundred and sixty pieces.

First of all let me tell you that this Titanium Dragon is far way of being my favorite Ninjago set. However it definitely brings some really nice features, starting by its head that instead of being a single piece is gladly built brick head where it’s possible to identify all the main parts namely the eyes, the mouth and even its big tongue.

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Lego 70403 – Dragon Mountain

Let’s safe the princess and recover the treasure! But be careful because this time, the red army has a fearful allied: the big dragon! Yes, the red and fearful beast as well as the warrior and the sorcerer will make everything to avoid the rescue of the beautiful princess and the big arch of gold!

The Dragon Mountain is a new castle set with almost four hundred pieces, besides the big and detailed red drag, has a considerable fortress with a small prison, four great new mini-figures (two blue soldiers, a red soldier and a sorcerer) and a great catapult that belongs to the good guys (or not…), the blue army.

The Dragon is indeed the company star, Continue reading

Lego 70503 – The Golden Dragon

The Golden Dragon is another 2013 Ninjago set and I must say that it causes opposites sensation on me. For one hand, it doesn’t fit pretty properly on my parameters in terms of playability but on the other hand, this golden set is surely a must in terms of beauty and color scheme and I’m sure that the Ninjago fans are delighted with it.

The set has more than two hundred and fifty pieces and includes the big dragon, a small warrior’s catapult and three mini-figures: the Golden Ninja (Lloyd Garmadon) that is almost exclusive of this set (I guess it only appears in this and in the 70705 – temple of light), a Scout and a Warrior.

The Golden Dragon looks bigger than it really is thanks to its enormous Continue reading