Lego 5001132 – The Lord of the Rings Collection

You have to be almost a pro or even a fanatic to go to a store and buy this huge package. This package has seven LOTR’ sets but costs the astronomic amount of three hundred and fifty dollars!! Even if you love the theme, you will surely think twice. For that money there is a lot to choose from.

This collection has seven sets: The attack on Weathertop (9472), The Mines of Moria (9473), The Battle Of Helm’s Deep (9474), The Orc Forge(9476), the Uruk-Hai Army (9471) and the smaller Gandalf Arrives (9469) and Shelob Attacks (9470). All together provide a tremendous army of thirty seven mini-figures (some of them repeated) and a total of more than three thousand and five hundred pieces. These sets, together, represent the main environment of this theme. Continue reading