Lego Ninjago 2018 – Some New Images

New pictures of a few new Ninjago sets, bases this time on a new episode, Sons of Garmadon, have been published once again on a ToysRus website. And for now, my first impressions are really good, there are absolutely some great vehicles, some bikes, a couple of mechs, a Headquarters and plenty of mini-figures to enjoy!

Five new Spinjitzu Master sets (Kai, Nya, Jay, Zane and Cole) are also planned but my favorite is absolutely the Street Race of Snake Jaguar (70639) with two awesome detailed bikes and three mini-figures. These sets and presumably a few more should be available in the first months of 2018.

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Lego Ninjago Movie – 2018 Official Set Images

After the two new Ninjago Movie sets unveiled yesterday, there are now pictures of four new sets that will make part of the next wave of 2018 Lego sets. Besides the couple revealed yesterday, we can now observe the new Garmadon’s Volcano (70631) as well as the Spinjitzu Masters Lloyd (70628).

Personally, I like the Garmadon’s Volcano Lair. It definitely seems to have plenty of nice features to play with as well as some nice mini-figures to enjoy. I’m also curious to see if the big Mech stand alone or not. Maybe with a hidden brick at the back…lego-ninjago-movie-70628-70629-70631-70632

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Lego 70589 – Cole’s Rock Roader

Cole’s Rock Roader is a new Ninjago set that will be available only in August, on the next summer wave of releases. It features a huge desert vehicle with plenty of nice details and weapons, a small island with a tower and four mini-figures (their exact names aren’t known yet but includes Cole and two warriors) with assorted accessories.

The Rock Roader looks big, very big actually. The base is built with a technic structure, more complex than the usual, that will include also all the necessary mechanisms to trigger the six stud shooters cannon that we can see in the front, just between the extra large wheels.Lego-70589-Cole-Rock-Roader-Ninjago

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Lego 70751 – Temple of Airjitzu

The Temple of Airjitzu has finally been unveiled. This new Ninjago masterpiece has more than two thousand pieces (!!!) and featuresan awesome building with an endless number of details to enjoy that will include twelve mini-figures (Lloyd, Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole, Nya, Wu, Misako, Dareth, Postman, Jesper and Claire), from which three are new on the theme .

My first thoughts couldn’t be better. The Temple and the village that surrounds it, is extremely beautiful with a bunch of different colors and details and I would say that it’s almost impossible to highlight a favorite part.

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Lego 70733 – Blaster Bike

The Blaster bike is a new Ninjago set that has recently hit stores. As you can see through the pictures, it features a bike filled with nice details for Cole, a small dragon, two mini-figures (Cole and Ghost Warrior Cowler) with assorted weapons and two new yellow Skreemers with a sausage that according to Lego can be attached to the mini-figures.

With a highly detailed designed and an awesome color scheme, the bike has a small technic structure with big golden wheels. On the edges, there are also four big blades that definitely give the vehicle a very cool Ninjago look.

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