Lego City 7992 – Container Stacker

The Container Stacker is a nice but different city set. For an average fan it is not a priority, in my opinion, but for those who have a city harbor or some cargo trucks, or even the cargo train with containers. With one mini-figure (a typical worker) and more than two hundred pieces this is surely a good addition to a cargo theme.

The two containers present in the set, don’t have much to cheat. One is red and has straight pieces in every side, the other, gray, is opened not only on its sides, but also in the top. Here there is a black winch to be pulled by the Stacker. Both are simple and easy to build and have same stickers which personally I don’t like.The stacker is different from the traditional builds in this theme. Continue reading

Lego City 3658 – Police Helicopter

This set recreates a robber’s chase with a helicopter. It has plenty of action and integrates very well with other city sets. The box brings two vehicles (the big heli and a small yellow car) four mini-figures (one pilot, two policemen and a thief) and a couple of tools and accessories (megaphone, dollar bills, a red cup among others).

Inside, the heli has a single compartment. The pilot has at his disposal two control instruments and a good coffee cup (be careful with the loops…) but I think that one or two handles in the front would improve the pilot’s performance. Right in the middle there are two big openings (this heli has no doors) where the officers will try to catch the thief and his van. Continue reading

Lego 7553 – City Advent Calendar

The 2011 City Advent Calendar, although having a younger brother (Lego 4428), it still a considerable option for a great gift in this time of the year. Not only it can be found on stores for a smaller price but also because it has some interesting features that can be a good addition to some themes or even to any kind of city.

With about two hundred and thirty pieces, the set includes six mini-figures: an ice fisherman with a great green jacket and a fishing rod, two different robbers (I especially like the guy with the red handkerchief in the neck, two usual police officers and a red Santa with its traditional big white bears.Besides these figures, the set has a small police vehicle

Continue reading

Lego 4432, 4433, and 4434 – Three great Christmas deals

For several seasons I haven’t acquired yet these city sets, although I’ve spoken here (garbage truck, Dirty Bike Transporter and the Dump Truck) before, about the three. But last week end, I’ve found a great promotion that allowed me to buy them with a 50% discount, which as a deal is unbeatable.

The Garbage Truck honestly surprised me. Obviously that by the pictures and previous reviews, I knew every details and features but that dumping mechanism of the truck as well as the loading and unloading of the garbage cans are really very nice. Oh, and the truck a bit longer than the dump truck, for instance, thanks to the loading platform.

Talking about the dump truck, I love that orange cab, Continue reading

Lego 60017 and 60018 City – Finally Revealed

Finally, we can have a look of the new Cement Mixer and of the new Flatbed Trucks. The yellow Cement Mixer looks really great just by looking at the set boxes. Unfortunately is too soon to find out how the mixer cylinder will rotate but we can see by now that the set will have two road workers with some tools and plenty of cement little pieces and also a red wheelbarrow to transport them.

The Flatbed truck will surely be also a nice addition to the next year’s portfolio because it is a small truck different from everything, specially all its engine’s hood parts and consequently all the esthetic – and for better I must say. The flat bed will also have a tipper mechanism which easily will lower the bed, in order to tower another vehicle.

And yes, the set will also have another vehicle, Continue reading