Lego City 8402 – Sports Car

In a time when the news and rumors calmed down a bit, lets have a look at this nice and stylish convertible of 2009. Being a ten dollars set it is very easy and fast to build because it his quite small with less than seventy pieces. Besides the single mini-figure, it has also a nice orange phone booth, which is quite rare and an old style green tree.

The red Sports Car has a chassis made of a single piece, common is the vehicles of this size. When building it, the wheel arches look big but the final result is smooth. The cab has a decent blue seat for the driver but unfortunately it has no side doors. Looking at the car’s structure it was easy to add them with safety, but it is a detail that I appreciate is city vehicles.Obviously there is no roof in this vehicle, but its usual piece is present, being this time at the engine’s hood. Continue reading

Oeiras BRInCKa Lego 2013 in Portugal – A few event shots about City, Farm, Trains and a Football Stadium

Oeiras has received this weekend (26-28th April) the Largest Lego fun event in Portugal. The Leões of Port salvo sports Arena with more than 1300 square meters looked pretty small to show such a huge quantity of environments, creations, and regular sets of several themes such as the city, friends, technics, star wars and Mindstorms among others.

I‘ll divide this review in a few posts with the purpose of presenting three or four themes on each one. The first post will show a sort of best off of the city, farm, a few trains and a great football stadium.

Having a look about the presence of City theme, Continue reading

New Lego City and Ninjago Battle Packs

Three new battle packs (one from Ninjago and two from city) were seen recently on stores, constituting an alternative (and rather expensive!) way of getting additional or new mini-figures as well as its tools or accessories. Fifteen dollars is what they cost (each one, of course) and all of them bring four mini-figures.

The Ninjago pack (850632) has exactly thirty six pieces and the mini-figures are a Stone Warrior and a Scout, and two Ninjas, more exactly, Jay ZX and Zane ZX. Besides them, there is also a small platform to store their weapons.The City packs are two, one from the Police Continue reading

Toy Fair 2013 in New York – The Best of City and Star Wars

These two themes were also quite well represented, especially Star Wars. I guess that there was a big expectation about this one most of all because there was a considerable number of summer sets that weren’t captured yet, namely for instance the big Republic Gunship or even the eight hundred pieces AT-TE.

The city theme is always pleasant to look at, in my opinion. The bunch of sets brought to the event we’re not particularly new, all of them had already been seen in the internet, however I guess that some of them had not shown yet the retail set box, which is always helpful because it helps to clarify a bunch of features and details.

Meanwhile, have a look at some pictures  Continue reading

Lego City 3366 – Satellite Launch Pad

The Satellite Launch Pad is a 2011’s set. It has a Lunar Van to carry a computer, a crew mini-figure, a small satellite and a rocket with a launcher. This set has plenty of playability potential because not only can combine with other space sets but also because the van interacts very well with other city sets.

The Van is not very big and has an ordinary structure with the particularity of the cabin has access to the rear part. The roof can be easily removed has as an unusual support: a common fitting yellow piece causes that the roof don’t fall. Besides that, it has the usual, a seat, a wheel and two red doors. Continue reading