Lego 75926 – Pteranodon Chase

The Pteradonon Chase is a new Jurassic World set that has recently been revealed by Lego on this year’s New York Toy Fair event. And for a fifteen dollar set, it looks pretty cool featuring a chase car with some nice features to play with, a pteranodon figure and two mini-figures (Owen Grady and a Tracker), with hunting accessories.

I like this chasing vehicle. It has a raised suspension with big wheels, capable of surpassing any adverse obstacle and the engine looks also big and powerful. The cockpit isn’t very large and shows only a small windshield at the front. On both sides, this time there are the usual small doors that give the car a friendlier look.

Right behind the driver, Continue reading

Lego 60138 – High Speed Chase

The High Speed Chase is a new City Police set that has recently hit stores. With around three hundred pieces it features, two vehicles (a red convertible and a high-speed police car, a police helicopter, and four mini-figures (three police officers and a thief) with assorted accessories that include stolen money and a barrier.

The set hasn’t anything particularly new but definitely has a huge potential in terms of playability. The heli on its hand looks sturdy, with some nice handling and all around there are plenty of nice details to enjoy!Lego-60138-High-Speed-Chase-city-police-5

The cockpit looks very Continue reading

Lego Super Heroes 6864 – The Batmobile and the Two-Face Chase

A batmobile, a crazy truck and a bank, all in one box. That is quite a motive to have a close look to this Super Heroes’ Chase. This set is based, as you can imagine, on a bank’s robbery made by Two-Face and its friends. These three fellows, batman, and an officer compose the scenario of a very colored set.

The small bank is surely a small but very interesting building, specially its color. With an old style it has a door and an easily breakable wall to allow the truck’s crane to steal and hold the green safe. This one is also very realistic and it has even a big lever to open the big door.Talking about the truck, most of all, the unusual color mix (purple and orange) is the highlight point. Continue reading