Lego Disney 2018 Sets

Pictures of five new Disney sets have been revealed, and I know someone who will absolutely want them all!  As always, there will be many great details, a bunch of mini-dolls to enjoy and once again the trend remains: the bigger, the better, the new Cinderella Dream Castle is simply awesome.

The other four sets seem to be small and medium size, and from these, the Sleeping Beauty’s Fairytale Castle looks also really nice, despite being smaller than the Cinderella’s. The sets will be available on stores in the beginning of 2018.

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Lego 71040 – The Disney Castle was officially revealed

Lego has just unveiled the latest Disney masterpiece: the magic Disney Castle. This awesome set is probably one of the biggest Lego sets of the last years, showing exactly four thousand and eighty pieces which will be absolutely an unforgettable moment in terms of beauty and building experience.

Showing two distinct color schemes, mixing light brown in the front with a light brown in the tallest towers, the gigantic castle is an endless source of details and features to enjoy. The box contains also five Disney mini-figures (Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Tinker Bell) but the other eighteen guys from the Disney series of collectable mini-figures will definitely be a good addition to the party!lego-71040-disney-castle-magic-6

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Lego Ideas – Addams Family Mansion reaches 10.000 votes

Usually I don’t report most part of the Ideas updates but this time I’m, tempted to write a few words regarding this awesome Addams family Mansion, a fantastic project conceived by afol777, that has just reached 10000 supporters.

This huge house is based on the popular sitcom from the sixties and through the extended gallery that can be seen here, the house looks gigantic (according to the creator, the set has more than seven thousand pieces that include some additional mini-figures and an automobile) and the list of features and details is almost endless.Lego-Ideas-Addams-Family-Mansion

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Lego Disney Cinderella Castle (71040) in September?

Eurobricks is usually a good source of information and over the times there were a lot of rumors from there that were truth. The last one that in circulating in the past hours is that next September, there will be a new Cinderella Castle (71040) probably based on the real Walt Disney castle in World resort

At the same time, this new Disney set won’t have any mini-dolls but instead, a great number of Disney mini-figures that will surely be a good addition to the new Disney Series of collectable mini-figures (don’t forget that there are some important characters that won’t make part of this series)!lego-cinderella-castle-disney-71040

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Lego 70400 – Forest Ambush

The Forest Ambush is the smallest set of this new wave of the castle theme. It has exactly ninety pieces which is enough for four regular mini-figures, more specifically two red (dragon) soldiers and two blue (lion) soldiers, a small cart with a treasure chest, a wall with an interesting flick fire missile, a tree next to them and finally a dog!

The cart is very simple to build and at the same time has a few interesting details. It has a handle to be pushed, a couple of clips probably to store the weapons, a few strategic studs to attach the chest, a couple of flags and even a kingdom’s flag at the front. The big wheels are the usual ones used in this type of vehicles as well as its axes.

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