Lego 9485 Cars – Ultimate Race Set

The ultimate set racer brings a lot of action, three great cars and unfortunately a great disappointment. The set that was released in the beginning of this year, has about two hundred and eighty pieces and tree nice racing cars: Lightning McQueen, Max Schnell and Raoul Ça Roule.

Besides them, the set has also a pit stop little guy, from Raoul Ça Roule’s team and two launchers. These two have my total disappointment. The launchers have the capability of attaching each other through a couple of pins and are globally very nice in terms of design. The launch mechanism was well thought with elastic at the back part, however in terms of playability is a complete disaster.In order to achieve the best launch (which is only average in terms of expectation and final result)  Continue reading

Lego 2012 Super Packs – Cars, Friends and Technic

These are just the kind of gifts that I would love to be presented in Christmas. They combine playability, lots of mini-figures, beauty and an excellent value for money. Some references sites recently mentioned the launch of new super packs for these three themes: cars, Friends and Technic.

The three have normally different market target to reach, but all of them try to offer the best possible product with a nice discount. This year, at the moment, all of the three themes have a super pack ready to be launched and I have special curiosity to see the technic package (that will be the Lego 66433) because with it will come the tow truck, a nice Quad ATV and a power set.On the other hand, the Cars superpack (Lego 66409) will have five racing cars, Continue reading

Lego Cars 8486 – Mack’s Team Truck

Mack has been released last year and as you know, it is Lightning Mcqueen’s team truck as well as one of its friends in the movie. With almost four hundred pieces, the set besides the truck and its big trailer, has also the car, Mcqueen, a lot of tools and accessories and plenty of playability, after all the main character of the movie is present.

Mcqueen could not be simpler to build. It has a regular chassis with small wheels, the hood and the roof (this is simultaneously its face) are unique printed pieces, as well as the side skirts that are cleverly attached to some single dot pieces. It even has the aileron connected with a double pin piece (this one is also printed).Talking about Mack, the core of the set, the truck has until certain part a usual building, comparing for instance to the usual city trucks. Continue reading