Lego 60021 – Cargo Heliplane

The Cargo Heliplane is a new city set that will be available next summer, on the 2013’ second wave of sets. It has three hundred and forty three pieces that include the heliplane, a new ATV, three mini-figures (the pilot and two lumberjacks), a bunch of logs that include a rack and finally a grapple.

The big plane is absolutely outstanding and rather different from the usual airplanes. It brings an unusual feature of taking off and landing vertically in inhospitable place, such as the forests and at the same time is capable of flying just like a regular plane in order to transport the big wood logs, thanks to the two big propellers and its 90 degrees moving mechanism. Having a close look, the cockpit is similar to other aircrafts,  Continue reading

Lego 60022 – Cargo Terminal -updated-

The Cargo Terminal is a new city set that is planned to be on stores next summer, and as you might see is an improvement of the 2008 cargo plane (7734) or if you prefer is a good adaptation of the Airport Airplane (3182) to the cargo’s environment. In this case, both planes are basically the same.

The set, besides the majestic plane (it has exactly forty eight cm long, the same that the 3182) has also a control tower and three ground vehicles which are a little Octan support vehicle, a forklift and a completely new elevator that will simply and easily carry the goods from the pallets or from another vehicles until the plane’s doors. The mini-figures will be five (three workers including the vehicles drivers, the tower controller and the pilot.Starting by the set’s star, the plane, it is definitely a must. Continue reading

Lego 60020 – Cargo Truck

Cargo Truck against Truck and ForkLift (7733) – find the differences! Just as the new tank truck, this set is a short version of the 2008’s cargo truck. As you can see they are pretty similar, only with the major difference that the new one doesn’t have a trailer. However and fortunately not only the forklift is still present but also the goods continue in reasonable number.

The truck has an ordinary structure, similar to many other city trucks, there are no major differences towards most of the first wave models and even the 2012 models.  At the front, the cab, made mainly with green pieces has the usual features namely a seat for the driver, a steering wheel at the front (and of course the good old coffee cup), a couple of side doors and a removable roof for a better access to the interior.

However in this part, there is a difference towards previous models. Continue reading