Lego 2017 Marvel Super Heroes Pictures

Official pictures of three new Marvel Super Heroes Sets have been unveiled by Amazon Japan, showing three small /medium boxes with some interesting vehicles (I love that red convertible!!)), pretty nice details to enjoy and of course, as always awesome mini-figures.

The sets are:  Captain America Jet Pursuit (76076 and 160 pieces), Iron Man: Detroit Steel Strikes (76077 and 377 pieces) and Hulk vs. Red Hulk (76078 and 375 pieces), and will be available on retail next

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Exclusive SDCC – Captain America

A Captain America’s mini-figure is the first Sand Diego Comic Con exclusive to be revealed. Looking closely, it’s clear that there are some great new painted details all over the body (head, legs and torso) as well as on the new and big colored shield.

There aren’t any details for now how the mini-figure will be distributed on the event, neither how many will be available, but it’s almost sure that a different figure will be given on each day of the event.Exclusive-SDCC-Captain-America-mini-figure

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Lego 76067 – Tanker Truck Takedown

The Tanker Truck Takedown is a new Marvel Super Heroes set that will be available next summer, probably in August. Sometimes the simpler things are the best and this set definitely seems to follow that thought, showing some great figures to enjoy and a vehicle with plenty of playability.

With a total of three hundred and thirty pieces, the set includes as the head elements, the yellow and grey truck, a purple motorcycle, a small island with a windsock, and four mini-figures (Spider Man, Hawkeye, Captain America and Vision) with assorted accessories that include flames, a fire extinguisher, a super jumper and assorted weapons.Lego-76067-Tanker-Truck-Takedown-super-heroes

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Lego 76048 – Iron Skull Sub Attack

The Iron Skull Sub Attack is a new Marvel Super Heroes set with around three hundred pieces that has recently hit stores. It might not be the prettiest Lego set at the first glance, but if you look closely, it definitely features a lot of nice details to enjoy!

Besides the black submarine that shows also a big red cage, stuck with a chain, the set features also a small green Scuba and four mini-figures with additional accessories: Scuba Iron Man, Scuba Captain America, Iron skull, the guy of the submarine and finally Hydra Diver.Lego-76048-Iron-Skull-Sub-Attack-marvel-super-heroes-4

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Lego 76042 – The SHIELD Helicarrier has been officially revealed.

The new and massive Super Heroes SHIELD Carrier has finally been unveiled. This masterpiece of design and creativity has almost three thousand (!!!) pieces, features a huge list of amazing details and features that includes twelve exclusive micro-figures, five mini-figures (Nick Fury, Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye and Maria Hill) and several micro scale vehicles.

Two things immediately caught my attention. First, the new big black and printed plates used for the entire airstrip. Second, the four big engines that can be triggered manually with a lever placed at the back ,or just by adapting a power function kit, which according to its designer seems pretty easy!

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