Lego 60200 – Capital

What a nice surprise! In addition to some must have sets such as the City Square (60097) or Town Square (60026), official pictures of a new city set, Capital, have been revealed, showing a new set full of action, buildings, vehicles, a bunch of mini-figures and much more.

Be prepared because the list is quite extensive: a beautiful hotel, a full glass building, a bus stop with a hotdog stand, a skate park, a red bus with a second panoramic floor, a crane vehicle to help with the bigger parts of the convention building, an ice-cream selling tricycle, a police bike, an electric vehicle and a nice blue coupe. That definitely a lot!

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Lego 10258 – The London Bus was officially revealed

The London Bus, the next Creator Expert set, was officially unveiled by Lego. The set and its rumors were already known for a while, but all the details and features of this huge masterpiece were only revealed now.

The set has exactly one thousand six hundred and eighty six pieces and shows an iconic English red Bus with thirty five centimeters and two floors with the traditional door at the back. The second floor can also be easily detached in order to access the interior and enjoy its magnificent details.Lego-10258-the-London-Bus-creator-expert-5

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Lego 60154 – Bus Station

The Bus Station is a new City set that will be available on retail next summer. With around four hundred pieces, it shows some pretty nice elements that will certainly fit on every city corner and of course a new City Bus with new features to enjoy.

Besides the Bus, the set includes a news stand with a garbage can nearby, a Bus stop, a street lamp, a dog, a couple of bicycles and six mini-figures (that’s surely a great quantity for a medium size set) with assorted accessories: the bus driver, the news stand seller, a couple of boys, girl in a wheel chair (recently released by Lego) and a Bus

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Lego Ideas- The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. BUS has just achieved 10.000 supporters

In Time when the news about 2017 sets have calm down a bit, this awesome Ideas Project has just achieved 10.000 supporters. The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. BUS is basically a command center with the shapes of a plain with lots of different parts to enjoy and ten mini-figures (Agent Phil Coulson, Agent Melinda May, Agent Grant Ward, Leo Fitz, Jemma Simmons, Agent Skye, Agent Victoria Hand, Agent Antoine Triplett, Agent John Garrett and Deathlok).

Through the pictures, it’s possible to see that the main parts include a Loading dock, the Science Lab and Medical Pod, the cockpit, the Lounge and three connected rooms: the Command Center, the Coulson’s Office and a Holding Cell and of course lots of additional features to like the Boat Repair Shop,  Continue reading

Lego 41106 – Pop Star Tour Bus

The Pop star Tour Bus is a Friends set with almost seven hundred pieces that will bring a new travel touch to the girls. As you can see, it features a big and long Bus with lots of interesting details, outside and inside, three mini-dolls nicely dressed and with the usual accessories: Livi, Stephanie and Mia.

Besides these elements, the set features also a small round table with a sunshade that includes a few drinks for the girls, a basket with some fruit, three deck chairs, a couple of speaker s on the top of two columns and a DJ table.

The Bus looks definitely pretty cool. With Continue reading