Lego 70756 – Dojo Showdown

The Dojo Showdown is a Ninjago building that will be part of the 2015 first wave of sets. With exactly two hundred and fifteen pieces it features a really nice structure with plenty of details and color and four mini-figures: Kai, Hanlan, Griffin Turner and Slaven, all of them with different weapons.

Despite the major intent of this set is recreating a fight between Kau and Hanlan, as the set box suggests, the Dojo Showdown seems to me more like a training center for the warriors with a bunch of different practice mechanisms.

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Lego 41085 – Animal Care Clinic

The Animal Care clinic is a new friends set that will soon be available on stores. Just like the rest of the theme, it brings a lot of color and a lot of stuff to play with besides the clinic, namely, a mini-figure (Mia), a cart, a small outdoor, a garden with a nice swing for the animals, and a cabinet with a couple of tools.

The animal clinic is built upon a sixteen light brown plate that, at the first glance, gives us the idea of the real size of the building. Outside it has plenty of different flowers, a small lamp and in the top of the roof (which has different color layers) there is a nice purple cross, indicating that we’re in presence of a clinic.

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Lego 10197 Modular Building – Fire Brigade

What a tremendous set, worthy to belong to any kind of town or village, no matter how many fire vehicles or hospitals or firemen headquarters exist. This is simply a must that deserves all the effort. With more than two thousand and two hundred pieces (!!), it has a fire headquarters typical of the first half of the last century, a fire vehicle where the beauty is proportional to its age and four mini-figures (three firemen and a civilian).

Before talking about the building or the truck, I must say that the outside area are has been carefully planned. Continue reading