Lego Star Wars – The 2018 Official Pictures

Finally, some of the new 2018 Star Wars sets have been revealed. Through the available set list it is possible to conclude that the list is far away from being completed but for now, we can see four new micro-fighters, a couple of buildable figures and a few regular sets.

At the first glance, there is more quantity than quality (or at least there isn’t anything in particular that excited me). I don’t especially appreciate the buildable figures or the micro-fighters and in terms of regular sets, almost all of them are just small size boxes. Gladly however there are some a few nice mini-figures!

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Lego Star Wars – Last Jedi Set Images

Finally, the official images of the new Star Wars Last Jedi sets for Force Friday II have finally been unveiled by Lego. The sets were already now for a while but due to an embargo from Lego, the images weren’t (or at least shouldn’t…) available yet.

Gladly, it is now possible to see all the details that will make part of the set list. There are options for every wallets, the cheapest is the Elite TIE Fighter Pilot, a buildable figure that will retail around the twenty bucks and the most expensive is the First Order star destroyer, with a price of hundred and fifty

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Lego Star Wars Buildable Figures – The Official Set Box Pictures

Pictures of all the new Star Wars The Force Awakens Buildable figures have been uploaded to Lego Servers recently, and now, gladly, it’s possible to have a better idea of all its awesome details.

The figures will be six (Rey, First Order Stormtrooper, Poe Dameron, Finn, Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma) and will be shortly available in all Markets with a retail price around the twenty dollars. Personally, despite recognizing a lot of spectacular details, I’ll probably pass them, they’re simple not my

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LEGO Star Wars 2016 Buildable Figures – The Official Names

The names of the second wave of the Star Wars buildable battle figures have been recently revealed, once again on Eurobricks. A First Order Snowtrooper (in the picture) was already revealed at SDCC, last June but the rest of the figures were still unknown.

In addition to the First Order Snowtrooper, there will be five new figures: Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma, Rey, Finn and Poe Dameron, all of them from the Force Awakens Episode. The six characters will be available next January and should retails around the twenty dollars.first-order-stormtrooper-buildable-battle-figure-star-wars

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