Lego 70905 – The Batmobile

The Batmobile is a new Batman Movie set that will shortly be available on stores. This medium size set has five hundred and eighty one pieces and shows a huge batmobile (or should I say batbuggy??) with lots of small details and five mini-figures with assorted accessories: Batman, the Kabuki Twins, Man-Bat and Robin.

Despite the lack of images, this vehicle seems clearly built up on a technic long structure with plenty of different pieces. The red wheels have extra large size and are placed right on the edges, giving the car a nice and racing buggy

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Lego 60082 – Dune Buggy Trailer

The Dune Buggy Trailer is another city set that will hit stores in the beginning of 2015. With around two hundred pieces, it features a yellow dune buggy, a blue Jeep, a trailer to transport the buggy and two mini-figures (the Buggy’s driver and a lady) with a couple of additional accessories.

I guess that there’s no doubt that this set’s star is definitely the buggy. It’s looks very compact, with a lowered suspension and the engine is gladly placed at the back. Mostly built with yellow bricks, it also features some stickers that definitely give it more color. The cockpit is reinforced with a black bar and inside it has the sufficient space for the driver and the steering wheel.

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Lego 41010 – Olivia’s Beach Buggy

Well, only for the fact that it recreates a beach environment, for me it’s more than enough to enjoy this little set. Obviously the Beach Buggy brings more than that! Besides the Buggy, driven by Olivia, the set has also a little beach stand where the sunbathers can refresh them self’s with ice creams, juice and even plenty of different fruit, and best of all a beach coconut tree.

With exactly ninety five pieces, this friends’ set is definitely a good addition to the theme, and also to the aquatic part of a city, being a great complement for the Marina, or even to the new Dolphin Cruiser, for instance. The building experience isn´t much but there are some interesting details such as the pineapple and also the coconuts in the branches.The small buggy, made with white and purple pieces Continue reading