Bricktober sets have been revealed

The four Bricktober sets have been revealed in a German ToyRus store. As you probably know, these sets are usually TUR exclusives and have a small sell period, normally between September and October, depending from market to market.

Through the image, there will be four boxes from different themes, each one with four mini-figures: City will have four explorers, Ninjago with four Master of Spinjitzu exclusive characters, Batman with Lego Batman the Movie and finally a generic set with four cool

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Lego Seasonal and Bricktober Building Instructions are available

The building instructions of several sets with limited availability are now ready for download on Lego servers in a pdf format. The sets include the Seasonal Christmas Train (40138) and Gingerbread House (40139) and the Bricktober wave that features the Train Station (40142), Hotel (40141), the Bakery (40143) and for last the Toyrus Store (40144).

For those who don’t have the chance to get these sets, this is definitely a good opportunity for trying to recreate the models or in another perspective to see the most part of their hidden details and building 40138-40139-40141-40142-40143-40144

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Lego 2015 ToysRUS Bricktober Sets

October is just around the corner and the official images of the new sets have just start surfing in the internet. Just like previous years, the Bricktober sets consist on mini modular building that can be easily attached to each other thanks to a couple of small technic pins.

The new Bricktober sets will be four and will include an hotel with a small bus and an airplane (40141), a train station with a small train and a taxi, a bakery with a nice promenade and two cars and finally a toysrus store with a blue truck and a red car. It’s hard to pick up a favorite but if I had to, I would certainly choose the train station, it looks really nice!

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