Lego BrickHeadz – The Official Pictures of the new Infinity War Sets

The BrickHeadz fans were already aware of this news, but it’s always pleasant to see the new and official set pictures: I’m not the biggest fan of these, far away from that but there are certainly plenty of people who don’t think like me!

Four new sets, Iron Man MK50, Thanos, Star-Lord, and Gamora, will join the Marvel Super Heroes regular line and will be released next month, more or less by the same time to the movie hits the theaters.

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Brick Headz- Official Images revealed

Pictures of the new Brick Headz have been revealed showing eight new sets that will be available on general retail on March. The set list includes: Batman (41585), Batgirl (41586), Robin (41587), The Joker (41588), Captain America (41589), Iron Man (41590), Black Widow (41591) and finally Hulk (41592).

The set list is not complete, four sets are missing (41596 to 41596) but I think that soon we’ll hear some more about them. In terms of piece count, the numbers vary a bit, the smallest of these eight is captain America with seventy nine pieces and the biggest is the Joker, with exactly hundred and fifty

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