Lego 70733 – Blaster Bike

The Blaster bike is a new Ninjago set that has recently hit stores. As you can see through the pictures, it features a bike filled with nice details for Cole, a small dragon, two mini-figures (Cole and Ghost Warrior Cowler) with assorted weapons and two new yellow Skreemers with a sausage that according to Lego can be attached to the mini-figures.

With a highly detailed designed and an awesome color scheme, the bike has a small technic structure with big golden wheels. On the edges, there are also four big blades that definitely give the vehicle a very cool Ninjago look.

The black curved pieces, just Continue reading

Lego 70167 – Invizable Gold Gateway

The Invizable Gold Gateway is a Ultra Agents set that has arrived stores in the beginning of the year. With exactly two hundred and thirty six pieces, it brings a nice convertible stealth bike, a small flyer, a safe box with a chain and two mini-figures: Invizable and the ultra agent Steve Zeal.

The Stealth bike is a Ultra Agents vehicle with an awesome aesthetic and lots of interesting details. The two wheels are constituted by a couple of black dishes each, connected through a few technique elements. The ultra agent seat is outstanding, mostly thanks to the curved and transparent windshield that can assume several positions whether the pilot is seated or not. At its front, Steve has a printed piece control panel to handle the vehicle.

Aside the cockpit, there Continue reading

Lego 70007 – Eglor’s Twin Bike

The Eglor’s Twin Bike is one the five regular Legends of Chima sets that will be released next summer. Being the smallest of this group with “only” two hundred and twenty three pieces, the set brings, besides the twin bike that can easily be transformed in a jet, a small jet and two nice mini-figures: Eglor from the Eagles Tribe and Razcal from the ravens.

Looking closely to the pictures, I guess that this nice jet bike is a bit more complex that it looks at the first glance. The chassis is built with a mix of technic and small pieces, creating a structure that will allow attaching the wheels and the “eagle” parts but also will permit the wheels and the top structure to turn ninety degrees in order to transform it in a nice jet.

The vehicle is powerfully moved thanks to the Chi, Continue reading