Lego 10917 – The Ultimate Batmobile and its Four Separate Vehciles

A couple of days ago the new Batman Movie Set, the Ultimate Batmobile was finally announced showing a highly detailed vehicle with eight mini-figures (Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Polka-Dot Man, two Flying Monkeys, Alfred Pennyworth and finally Wicked Witch of the West) and the possibility of being divided into four separate vehicles.

Gladly today, images of those four elements have been surfing on the internet showing a smaller batmobile, a batcycle, a battank and a bat wing. The splitting process is not explained but I’m sure that soon we’ll hear some more about it!Lego-10917-The-Ultimate-Batmobile

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Lego 76045 – Kryptonite Interception

The Kryptonite Interception is a new 2016 DC Comics Super Heroes set that will be available in the beginning of the year. It brings three hundred and six pieces and shows the new Batmobile, a forklift containing some Kryptonite and three mini-figures, Batman and two Lexcorp guys.

The Batmobile looks pretty cool! Built with plenty of small black pieces, it presents sharp shapes on almost every part and some interesting features to enjoy. Starting by the front, it shows, up on the hood, a double stud shooter ready to fire against the corporation forklift.Lego-76045-Kryptonite-Interception-cd-comics-2

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Lego Dawn of Justice Batmobile – The First Picture

The first image of the new Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Batmobile set has been unveiled by the Wall Street Journal, showing what will the main attraction of the new DC Comics super heroes’ set.

The set number hasn’t been revealed yet but it’s already know that the box will bring exactly three hundred and six pieces which, besides the batmobile, will also feature a second vehicle, (probably smaller than this one) and three mini-figures including Batman. All this with an expected retail price around the thirty dollars will definitely be a pretty interesting deal.

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Batmobile – The last SDCC exclusive set

The Batmobile is the last exclusive set of 2014 San Diego Comic Con.  With hundred and fifty two pieces it features a 1966 Batmobile version with two mini-figures: Batman and Robin wearing their classic 60 suites.

At the first glance, the set doesn’t look much pretty, far away from that, remembering the juniors set not only because of the vehicle but most of all thanks to the figures. The vehicle, built mostly with black and red shades is considerably large (eight studs), having two separate cockpits just behind the long hood. The wheel axes too close to each other, definitely doesn’t help to improve the vehicle’s aesthetic, making it too much “juniorized”. This limited edition will retail around the fourty dollars in a total of 1000 units, Continue reading

Lego Riddler Chase – the first revealed set of 2014

The Riddler Chase is the first 2014 set that has been recently revealed in the 2013 San Diaego Comic Con. From the super Heroes Dc Universe theme, it will have Batman as its star and will come with two great vehicles (a bat mobile and a nice green drag racer) and three nice mini-figures that apparently will be Flash (which will be an enormous addition), the Riddler and Batman.

The most attentive fans mention the possibility, and having a close look at the pictures, of not being Batman that is inside the Batmobile but instead, Bat woman, most of all because of two reasons: there are several yellow shades that are inside the cockpit which is definitely similar to the Batgirl’s cape and second the bat symbol at the front surely remembers the batgirl’s usual picture....Continue Reading...