Lego Batman the Movie – A Couple of new Polybags

The Lego Batman The Movie is definitely pretty high in terms of new polybags. In the past hours, a couple of new ones have discovered: a new accessory pack and a smaller one called Kiss Kiss Tuxedo Batman.

The first one has forty one pieces and features Batman with a traditional suite, a nice and detailed batsignal, built with a considerable number of small pieces, and also some additional stickers. The second one is basically a key chain with a mini-figure, Kiss Kiss Tuxedo

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Polybag Batman Battle Pod Unveiled

A new Lego The Movie Polybag has been recently discovered on Delta Customs. The set called Batman Battle Pod (5004929), has only twenty four pieces and features Batman with a yellow suit and plenty of different accessories, inside a black case, a sort of Poké Ball.

It might not be the most enthusiastic polybag , but I like the mini-figure and its Tigre suite. In terms if accessories, the image isn’t very clear but it’s possible to see a map, a small winch, some dynamite and a few more stuff.the-lego-batman-movie-polybag-battle-pod

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Lego 30607 – Disco Batman / Tears of Batman Polybag

A new Lego the Batman Movie polybag has recently been discovered in a Macau Toy store. The new Polybag is called Disco Batman – Tears of Batman and shows two version of Batman with some pretty unusual colors.

There’s no detail about its piece count but I’m sure that it won’t be difficult to find it out. The two variants will presumably be part of the movie and only there, we will understand (at least me…) why Batman is dressed like that!lego-batmam-the-movie-polubag-30607

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More Lego Batman The Movie Pictures

Gradually, all the 2017 set pictures are being unveiled by Lego, and among them these two new Batman The Movie sets, which are definitely awesome. I don’t know for sure its release date but there’s no doubt that I’ll certainly have a closer look at them.

The sets are the Scarecrow Special Delivery (70910), a small set with two hundred and four pieces that include a pizza delivery motorcycle, a small building and three mini-figures and the Penguin Arctic Roller (70911), a huge vehicle with around three hundred pieces, a couple of figures and lots of amazing details to enjoy!lego-70910-70911-batman-the-movie

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Lego Batman The Movie Collectable Mini-Figures Was Officially Revealed

The new series of collectable mini-figures, based in the next Lego Batman Movie has officially been unveiled by Lego in Facebook, showing all the possible details of the new twenty mini-figures (instead of the usual sixteen) that will make part of the list.

There are a few figures that easily caught my attention like Calculator, the Orca or for instance Commissioner Gordon, but I’ve also noticed that there’ will be five Batman which is definitely awesome for the fans. According to Lego, the new series will be available next year with the usual price of

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