Lego Movie Summer Sets – The First Pictures

Images of four new sets that will make part of the Summer Lego the Movie Releases have been unveiled, showing pretty well almost all the details and general look. And the first impressions are definitely very good.

This set list is composed the Scarecrow Fearful Face-off that will feature an helicopter and two mini-figures, the Bane Toxic Truck Attack that shows three figures, a 6 wheel truck and a small bat vehicle, the Two-Face Double Demolition that will bring a big excavator, a batcycle and four mini-figures and finally the biggest of all, the Batwing that will feature also three mini-figures, a six studs cannon and a small

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Brick Headz- Official Images revealed

Pictures of the new Brick Headz have been revealed showing eight new sets that will be available on general retail on March. The set list includes: Batman (41585), Batgirl (41586), Robin (41587), The Joker (41588), Captain America (41589), Iron Man (41590), Black Widow (41591) and finally Hulk (41592).

The set list is not complete, four sets are missing (41596 to 41596) but I think that soon we’ll hear some more about them. In terms of piece count, the numbers vary a bit, the smallest of these eight is captain America with seventy nine pieces and the biggest is the Joker, with exactly hundred and fifty

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Lego 70907 – Killer Croc Tail-Gator

The Killer Croc Tail-Gator is a new Batman The Movie set that has recently hit stores. With exactly four hundred and sixty pieces, it features as you can see, an awesome red truck with plenty of small details and features to enjoy, a batski and four characters with several accessories: Batman, Zebra-Man, Tarantula, and a Killer Croc big figure.

The focus goes obviously to the big and sturdy red truck. With a raised suspension made with a nice technic structure, the vehicle shows also four extra large rubber tires, capable of moving on several environments which is good for

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Lego Batman the Movie – A Couple of new Polybags

The Lego Batman The Movie is definitely pretty high in terms of new polybags. In the past hours, a couple of new ones have discovered: a new accessory pack and a smaller one called Kiss Kiss Tuxedo Batman.

The first one has forty one pieces and features Batman with a traditional suite, a nice and detailed batsignal, built with a considerable number of small pieces, and also some additional stickers. The second one is basically a key chain with a mini-figure, Kiss Kiss Tuxedo

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Polybag Batman Battle Pod Unveiled

A new Lego The Movie Polybag has been recently discovered on Delta Customs. The set called Batman Battle Pod (5004929), has only twenty four pieces and features Batman with a yellow suit and plenty of different accessories, inside a black case, a sort of Poké Ball.

It might not be the most enthusiastic polybag , but I like the mini-figure and its Tigre suite. In terms if accessories, the image isn’t very clear but it’s possible to see a map, a small winch, some dynamite and a few more stuff.the-lego-batman-movie-polybag-battle-pod

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