New Lego Polybags Were Unveiled

Images of four new Lego Polybags from different themes (Friends, Lego Batman Movie and Ninjago) have been unveiled, joining the extensive 2018 collection that will surely delight all the polybag fans.

The Batman Movie shows a 3×1 building option, the Mini-ultimate Bat mobile, which is really cool and rather unusual in this type of sets and a smaller bat shooter, Friends present a new bag with a pod with Emma and a lot of accessories inside and finally Ninjago brings us the Kai’s Dojo Pod, with Kai and a training suite.

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Lego 70919 – The Justice League Anniversary Party

The Justice League Anniversary Party is a new Lego Batman Movie with exactly two hundred and sixty seven pieces that shows a pretty nice scenario for those who want to recreate some Batman movie scenes or if you want to have a new DJ stage with plenty of nice details and add it to other sets.

This 2018 set features as you can see in the pictures, a white stage with a central DJ table and all the required accessories, four superheroes mini-figures: (El Dorado, Green Arrow, Hawkgirl and Superman) and finally the Wonder Dog.

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Lego Batman Movie Mini-figures – Series 2 Revealed

Lego has just unveiled on Facebook, the official pictures of the second series of collectable mini-figures from the Lego Batman Movie. In a total of twenty, they are surely awesome and a good reason to start saving some money for January.

Alfred looks really cute on both version as well as the tropical Joker but my favorites for now are the Doctor Phosphorus, Black Vulcan and Alex Sartorious. The entire collection will be available in the beginning of the year and each character should retail around the 3,99 bucks.

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Lego 70921 – Harley Quinn Cannonball Attack

The Harley Quinn Cannonball Attack is a new Lego Batman Movie set with four hundred and twenty five pieces that will hit stores next year. As you can see through the pictures, the set has a nice colored truck, two small buildings and four mini-figures (Batgirl, Crazy Quilt, the Gentleman Ghost and Harley Quinn) with assorted accessories which are great when it’s time to recreate a few scenes of the movie.

The red and black truck is absolutely the star of this set. With a vintage look, it has in the truck the most interesting part in terms of playability: cannon, capable of shooting a figure against the buildings!

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Lego Batman Movie 2018 Set Images – Updated with Set Boxes

Pictures of five new Lego Batman Movie set have been unveiled and globally I must say that the fans will absolutely be delighted with all of them. Most of them are small size sets, with the exception of the Bat Space Shuttle, which will certainly cost a bit more than the others.

My favorite is precisely this one, a black space ship with awesome details, five mini-figures and an extraordinary look. However I suspect that the Egg Mech will also be an enormous success. The sets will presumably be available on retail next January.

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