Lego 60175 – Mountain River Heist

The Mountain River Heist is a new City Mountain Police set with almost four hundred pieces and a lot of nice vehicles to play with. The set intends to recreate a scene where a couple of robbers have stolen a safe car and all the pursuit that comes after the robber.

And for that, the set features three nice vehicles that include a police airplane, capable of flying and landing in the most inhospitable places, a red All Terrain Vehicle with six wheels and a green Bank Truck with gold inside. Four mini-figures (an officer, the van’s driver and a couple of crooks) are also included as well as a few additional elements such as a tricky tree, ready to fall on top of the truck and some accessories for the figures.

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Lego Juniors 2018 Sets – The First Pictures

The first images of four new Junior sets have been revealed on the ToysRus website. The small size sets are based on different Lego themes, namely City and Friends and show some nice colored vehicles and figures to play with.

Emma Pet Party’s shows a nice playground with plenty of accessories, Mia’s Organic Food market has a pretty colored food van, the Road repair Truck brings three simple but useful road repair vehicles and finally Mountain Police chase is basically a small city Police set with three interesting elements.

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Lego 60148 – ATV Race Team

The ATV Race Team is a 2017 City set with two hundred and thirty nine pieces that features a cool truck with a trailer, a couple of race All Terrain Vehicles, and two racing pilots with assorted accessories, that includes a small fuel tank, a spare wheel and some tools to fix the malfunctions.

The concept and the vehicles aren’t properly new but together, I think that they make a really nice set with lots of options to play with. The sturdy truck is similar to other city models and shows a nice color scheme with some additional

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Lego 60127 – Prison Island Starter Set

The Prison Island Starter Set is a new small Police set that intends to be a useful addition to the bigger head set of this Police wave, the Prison Island. This new starter set has less than hundred pieces, ninety two to be exact, and features a small ATV, a water craft, an island with an harbor and four mini-figures: a couple of robbers and two police officers.

The Police ATV is a new model but in my opinion, in terms of beauty, definitely is not the best, most probably due to the front lights combination. Sorry, I simply don’t like it. Dispute that small detail, the size and the main features are the same (the handlers and the clip with the walkie-talkie at the back, for instance) and this time the driver is protected by a bar structure that safes him in case of overturning.Lego-60127-Prison-Island-Starter-Set

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Lego 60065 – ATV Patrol

The ATV Patrol is an entry set of the new City Swamp Police sub-theme. This small set brings only fifty nice pieces which is enough to build the Police ATV, two mini-figures (a Swamp Police officer and a thief) and an island with a red snake, covered with bushes to once again store the stolen money.

This isn’t properly a must in terms of innovation, however I think that it looks a good opportunity to get some figures and an additional police vehicle for a friendly price. The ATV is similar to many other city vehicles, but there are always some new details to enjoy.

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