Lego 75019 – AT-TE

The new Lego 75019 is a reissue of the 2008 AT-TE Walker. This set has seven hundred and ninety four pieces, which is almost the same size of its predecessor (the difference is only four bricks) and will allow building the big All Terrain Tactical Enforcer and five mini-figures: two Battle Droids, Coleman Trebor, a Clone trooper commander and Mace Windu. None of them is new or exclusive but Mace Windu is slightly modified.

This big vehicle was used by the Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars and has participated on multiple missions such as the Troops transportation, full mission attacks or even the space combat battles.

First of all I must admit that this set (I’m not a truly star wars fan) is not definitely one of my favorites. It is considerably expensive, despite its huge site, Continue reading