Lego 76100 – Royal Talon Fighter Attack

The Royal Talon Fighter Attack is a new Marvel Super Heroes set that is recently available on stores. With exactly three hundred and fifteen eight pieces, it features a black aircraft with plenty of small details and four mini-figures (Black Panther, Nakia, Ulysses Klaue and Erik Killmonger) with assorted accessories.

This new Aircraft is different from everything with all the consequent pros and cons. Right at the front it has a big cockpit with a long windshield that opens widely for a better access. Every single part of the Fighter is built with small black pieces and the interior is no exception, where it’s possible to find a seat and some handlers.

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Lego 76036 – Carnage’s SHIELD Sky Attack

Here’s another interesting Super Heroes set to achieve, without having to spend too much money. It features three mini-figures which is always pleasant in a set that brings a bit less than hundred pieces, and a small aircraft with a considerable number of features, if we consider its size.

The aircraft is mostly built with dark blue pieces mixed with a few yellow lines and brings right at the front several interesting elements. First of all, a couple of orange stud shooter, second, a couple of lights and third, right in the middle it features the opening mechanism of the big windshield.

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Lego 70228 – Vultrix’s Sky Scavanger

The Vultrix Sky Scavanger is a new Legend of Chima set with exactly four hundred and eighty pieces that presents a big flying machine with the shapes of a bird and lots of interesting features to play with. Joining it, there are also three mini-figures (Frax, Viltrix, Vardy) and a small aircraft.

Like it or not, this set is definitely a must of playability because it combines a bunch of weapons with the possibility of splitting the aircraft in several parts, transforming it in three different vehicles (basically the head and the tail can be detached and fly separately).

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