Lego Star Wars – A new A Wing Pilot Polybag has been found

A new star Wars rebel Polybag containing an A wing Pilot has been found and once again on Eurobricks, justtogood didn’t lose time to provide an official image. The polybag has only six pieces which is enough for the pilot that wears a red suite and small weapons.

At the first glance, I think that it looks pretty cool, the red uniform presents some nice printed details and the helmet is definitely one of my favorites. At the moment there’s no kind of information about price or availability on Markets that I’m sure that we’ll see it on stores in a couple of

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Lego 75003 – A-wing Starfighter

The A-wing Starfighter is a new Star Wars set that has been recently released. With exactly hundred and seventy seven pieces the main attraction is obviously the space-ship. But besides it, there are also three nice mini-figures that are the Starfighter’s pilot, Han solo and the Admiral Ackbar and its ugly face.

Remembering the Star Wars battles, this ship is part of a scene where its squadron tries to hit and disable the enemy’s cannons in order to allow a safe journey for the imperial flagship. However the A-Wing is seriously attacked and crashes against the big Executor’s Bridge.

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