Some Lego Gift suggestions for next Christmas

First of all let me tell you that this is a highly subjective choice. There are thousands of different reasons and criteria to choose and make a small list like this one. My choice is based of course not only in my personal taste- as you’ll see the city is my favorite theme – but also somehow in some good value for money opportunities.

November is just arriving and with it many stores start to increase their offer in terms of available sets. I don’t pretend to make a top 10 and it might be a very unfair list, but I’m sure that the next 10 sets will provide some great moments of fun not only to the younger but overall to all the Lego fans.Have a look: Continue reading

Lego Star Wars 9493 – X-Wing Starfighter

This is definitely one of the most known ships of Star Wars World. And its design is quite impressive since the ship’s nose until the engines, passing through the cockpit. With four mini-figures and almost six hundred pieces this set has everything to be one of the most successful star wars’ sets.

Starting building it, the first thing you will notice is a multicolor platform. It looks like a Lego’s tendency in almost all sets. Many unique pieces and a complex body will give place to excellent details. The four mini-figures (R2-D2 and D8, Luke SkyWalker and Jek Porkins) are also an added value to any collection specially if you don’t have many Star Wars sets. Continue reading