Lego Monster Fighters 9468 – Vampyre Castle

The Castle is, at the moment, the biggest set of the theme with almost one thousand pieces. It has, besides the enormous modular castle with three towers, a car with a rocket engine at the back, seven mini-figures which are according to wikia: the Lord Vampyre, the Vampyre Bride, two Bat Monsters, a Skeleton, Jack McHammer and Dr. Rodney Rathebone.

This modular building, no matter the hundred dollars, is a must for the monster fighters’ lovers. The base plates have an octagonal shape that allows choosing multiple configurations for the building. However every possible way will always have three towers with plenty of features and nice details.First of all, the castle, which is predominantly gray, Continue reading

Lego 2012 Summer Sets

Summer is getting closer, and with it, the photos of the Set boxes are becoming clearer and unmarked. Below there is a couple of new photos of the final versions of some of the summer releases. Star-wars, Ninjago, Monster Fighters and even the newest hospital 4429 are some of the available themes. Take a Look.

Star Wars has the major part. The Desert Skiff (9496), The Republic Striker-class Starfighetr (9497), Seasee Tiin’s Starfighter (9498), The Gungan Sub (9499), the interceptor (9500), the Melavolence (9515) and Pre Vizsla’s Mandalorian Fighter (9525) are the star wars sets that were recently revealed. Continue reading