Some Lego Gift suggestions for next Christmas

First of all let me tell you that this is a highly subjective choice. There are thousands of different reasons and criteria to choose and make a small list like this one. My choice is based of course not only in my personal taste- as you’ll see the city is my favorite theme – but also somehow in some good value for money opportunities.

November is just arriving and with it many stores start to increase their offer in terms of available sets. I don’t pretend to make a top 10 and it might be a very unfair list, but I’m sure that the next 10 sets will provide some great moments of fun not only to the younger but overall to all the Lego fans.Have a look: Continue reading

High speed trains – can they reach 30 kms/hour?

Amazing. Simply amazing these trains. Over some big circuits with inclined curves with a three meter diameter and special straight rails with more than thirty meters, the trains easily rich the speed between twenty and twenty five  kilometers hour with the major goal of surpass the incredible number of thirty kilometers/hour.

In the videos shown below, you will easily recognize among other personalized trains, the TGV 7938, the white 7987 and the older 4511 (which is pretty good for these tasks because it has a light weight). Both of them have, of course, special engines – they even have multiple engines per train prepared to give a fast acceleration and reach the top speed in the shortest possible space.

A couple of videos show, purposely I think, Continue reading

Lego City 7938 – Passenger Train

The passenger train is one of the core sets for the city. You can have the prettiest town of the world but it is not the same without a train. This passenger train is a must not only in terms of playability but also in terms of speed and beauty, but like most of the things in the world, it has some minor points.

Talking about them, I would start by the railway. Where are the straight tracks? The train can be very competent but if it only turns around like a crazy cat, easily you will put it aside. Oh let me guess… The missing tracks are just over there, inside the 7499 set, just around the corner at a distance of twenty dollars. Half a dozen of those tracks, would at least, the expectable.On the other side, in a hundred and twenty dollars set, a couple of additional mini-figure would be rather welcome, otherwise the train will look always empty. Continue reading