Lego 79103 – Turtle Lair Attack

The Turtle Lair Attack is one of the biggest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sets. It has almost five hundred pieces, which is more than enough to build the turtle’s lair, an enormous bunch of interesting features and six (!!) great mini-figures that are Leonardo, Raphael, a Dark Ninja, a Foot Soldier, Splinter the master – exclusive of this set – and Dummy.

This set recreates the turtles’ home with several different levels under the ground, being attacked by dark Ninja and the Foot soldier. Easily we can identity four different areas and a bunch of nice features and small buildings in each one of them. Definitely this is perhaps the beast theme’s set in terms of playability.

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Lego Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Pictures From All Sets

A couple of weeks ago, two new sets of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had been revealed. Today, finally, another four revealed their sets boxes, giving a clear idea of the sets not only in terms of size but also in terms of features. The expectation is that all of them will be on stores in the beginning of the year.

Besides the Lego 79102 (Stealth Shell in Pursuit) and the 79104 (Turtle The Shellraiser Street Chase) there will be a lab escape with plenty of color and at least a great mini-figure, a big dragon bike with three nice mini-figures, a hot pursuit with a bunch of weapons and finally a big robot. I must say that I’m impressed with the amazing diversity of colors on every sets.Have a look below at the new set boxes’ pictures

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Lego Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – A couple of new sets have been discovered

In the past few hours, a couple of new images with reasonable resolution have surfaced on the net. Although they don’t have any Lego logo, they seem quite real and surely give a clear idea of what’s it is coming up next about the new sets, 79102 Stealth Shell in Pursuit and the new 79103 Turtle Lair Attack.

These two TMNT sets look pretty different from each other. The Stealth Sheel is apparently a fifteen dollar set with three mini-figures that by the picture look, Fishface, Raphael, and a soldier, a nice jet ski and a sort of war vehicle with a great armor and side missile launchers (looks like it came out from Mad Max movie…)

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