Lego 79006 – The Council of Elrond

The Council of Elrond is a new Lord of the Rings set that will be released next August. With exactly two hundred and forty three pieces, the set recreates the scene of the fellowship of the ring’s film where Gandalf, Frodo, Elrond, Aragorn and many other characters will decide what will be done with the golden ring.

Although its reasonable size, I must say that this set hasn’t many features to play with. The set basically brings four pleasant mini-figures (Gimli, Frodo Baggins, Arwen and Elrond – these last two are exclusive of this set) a small building, representing Rivendell and a small platform with a tree, a round table and some seats that recreate the council.

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Have a look at the new Lego Star Wars and Lord Of the Rings 2013 Summer Sets

Today is surely a day of great news for the Lego fans. Recent rumors revealed some new sets not only for Star Wars but also for Lord Of the Rings. By the way, and as it concerns for this theme – LOTR -, the new sets that are planned to be release next June are still the first wave of 2013.

There will be a Wizard battle (79005), a Elrond Council (79006), a Battle at the Black Gate (79007) and a big pirate Ship Ambush (79008), from which I must say, I’m rather curious. Talking about Star Wars, until now, the new are a bit modest and present only a couple of new set, a Jabba’s Sail Barge (75020) and a Republic GunShip (75021).

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