Lego 76048 – Iron Skull Sub Attack

The Iron Skull Sub Attack is a new Marvel Super Heroes set with around three hundred pieces that has recently hit stores. It might not be the prettiest Lego set at the first glance, but if you look closely, it definitely features a lot of nice details to enjoy!

Besides the black submarine that shows also a big red cage, stuck with a chain, the set features also a small green Scuba and four mini-figures with additional accessories: Scuba Iron Man, Scuba Captain America, Iron skull, the guy of the submarine and finally Hydra Diver.Lego-76048-Iron-Skull-Sub-Attack-marvel-super-heroes-4

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Lego Marvel Super Heroes – Two New 2016 Sets

The 2016 Marvel and DC Comics of sets seem to be a little bit shyer than the other themes and only now are starting to surf in the internet with two new sets: the Iron skull Sub attack (76048) and the Avenjet Space Mission (76049)

The first one features a big black submarine with four mini-figures (Iron Man, Captain America, Hydra Henchman and Iron Skull) and a lot of action. The second shows a great space ship with five mini-figures that will include Captain America, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Hyperion and Thanos.Lego-76048-76049-super-heroes

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