Lego 76017 – Captain America vs. Hydra

Captain America vs. Hydra is a new Marvel set that has recently hit retail. It brings one hundred and seventy two pieces and presents a new off-road tank with multiple suspensions, a Captain America’s Motorcycle, similar to the 2013 model and three mini-figures: Captain America, Hydra Henchman and Red Skull.

The tank, built with a considerable number of sloped bricks, features a really great suspension with four independent axes and big blacks tires, ready to surpass anything. The images aren’t clear enough for now, but I guess that a technic structure is the base of the mechanism and the suspension seems dynamic, adapting easily to all the obstacles’ shapes.

On top we can see two cockpits, Continue reading

Lego Marvel – The Official Pictures

The official pictures of the new Marvel sets have finally been unveiled and gladly confirm the single image that has appeared a few days ago. Among five sets, there will be a lot of action, some really nice vehicles and a bunch of great mini-figures.

The detailed pictures show what I’ve noticed before, the Dock Ock Truck Heist (76015) with a green armored van and the Captain America vs Hydra (76017) with a big All Terrain vehicle are definitely amazing and absolutely my favorites.

This wave also includes  an entry set, Spider Trike vs Electro (76014), the biggest of all, the Hulk Lab Smash 76018 with almost four hundred pieces and finally the Spider Helicopter rescue (76016) that features a very interesting and ...Continue Reading...

Lego Super Heroes – The New 2014 Marvel Sets

Five of the new Marvel sets have been recently spotted in an Australian catalogue showing some really nice vehicles. The image shows also the several mini-figures that will be included in each box as well as its availability in Australia (March and April) which makes me think that these sets will be available slightly earlier in other markets.

As far as I can see, I’m quite curious to see the new Spider-Trike vs Electo (76014) that will feature a really nice armored car and the Captain America vs Hydra (76015) that presents a huge All Terrain Vehicle. Please have a look at all of them:

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