Lego 76008 – Iron Man vs. The Mandarin: Ultimate Showdown

A big name for such a small set! The Ultimate Showdown is perhaps the smallest set of the Super Heroes summer wave of launches. It has less then hundred pieces and brings two mini-figures (Iron Man and the Mandarin) and a small buggy with a rotating flick fire missile launcher at the back.

The buggy looks really nice. Made with a bunch of different color, in terms of structure it makes me remind the little Dino Ambush Attack, despite all the differences in terms of features and colors. With an aerodynamic front, it has a seat for the Mandarin that is slightly lowered among the little buggy’s structure.

At the back, it takes place the main feature of the set: Continue reading

Lego Super Heroes – The complete set list for 2013

The six unknown superheroes sets for 2013 are apparently revealed. According to the recent rumors, the missing sets will be inspired on a couple of characters, namely the Superman and the Iron Man and both will be presented with three new sets. According to the available prices, the biggest set will be the already known 76005, Daily Bugle Mission and the entry is reserved for the new Iron man Extremis (76007).

Talking about the new sets, Superman will participate on a Metropolis ShowDown (76002), a Smallville Battle and finally on a Black Zero Escape (76009). On the other hand, Iron Man will fight against Mandarin (76008), and show the Malibu Mansion.

The only issue that I find a bit strange, Continue reading