Lego 75931 – Dilophosaurus Outpost Attack

The Dilophosaurus Outpost Attack is a new Jurassic World set with two hundred and eighty nine pieces that will be available soon on retail. Despite not having vehicles, this Outpost shows a really nice structure with some features to play with, the fearful Dilophosaurus and three mini-figures with the usual accessories.

The Outpost is composed basically by three distinct parts: the electrified wall with a crane, the main gate and finally the watch tower. The crane is absolutely a major point on terms of playability and it’s mounted on top of a wall with long electric bars, capable of stopping the Dinosaur of getting inside.

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Lego Jurassic World – Two New Sets were revealed

A couple of new Jurassic sets have been unveiled, joining the wave that has been recently released. The news sets are Dilophosaurus Outpost Attack (75931) and Jurassic Park Velociraptor Chase (75932) and they look absolutely great in terms of details and color.

The Dilophosaurus Outpost Attack (75931) has around three hundred pieces and features a considerable structure with a crane, three mini-figures with assorted accessories and of course the fearful  Dilophosaurus.

The Jurassic Park Velociraptor Chase (75932) is Continue reading