Lego Speed Champions – A few teasing pictures

Lego has recently published on internet (Facebook and Website) seven really incredible images of some of the new Speed Champions’ sets. Through them it’s possible to see some really nice details that until know weren’t so clear.

I especially enjoyed the pit stop pic from the F14 & Scuderia Ferrari Truck (75913) but the smaller sets that included licensed racing cars such as, for instance, the McLaren P1 (75909) – I love this yellow car – or the Ferraris 458 (75908) or F150 (75899) are also amazing as I especially mentioned on previous posts.

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Lego 75908 – Ferrari 458 Italia GT2

I love these new Speed Champions’ sets and this new Ferrari 458 Italia Gt2 is no exception. The box isn’t big which means that it won’t be very expensive and will be almost for sure one of my 2015 acquisitions. Besides the racing car, the set features also a pilot and two small accessories, a trophy and a wrench.

The Ferrari is obviously built with red bricks but is perhaps, in this theme, the car that uses more stickers with especial highlight for the Italian flag that is present in the entire vehicle. The contrast of the red with the black tires looks extremely beautiful as well as the rear windshield that is also presented with a sticker.

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Lego Speed Champions set boxes have been revealed

The set box images of the new Speed Champions theme have finally been unveiled. Most of the details of the news sets were already known for a while, but I guess that there was a general curiosity about how the set boxes would be.

As you probably already know, the theme presents seven sets including several racing cars (the McLaren P1, the Porsche 911 GT, and the 918 Spyder, and two Ferraris, F150 and the 458), the McLaren F1 Pit Stop, and the F14 and Scuderia Ferrari Truck. This looks definitely in my opinion one of the great 2015 news!

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