Lego 75902 – The Mystery Machine

The Mystery Machine is a new Scooby Doo set that will be released next august. It has exactly three hundred and one pieces and features the most known van of Scooby Doo cartoons, called the mystery machine, four mini-figures (Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Fred and Zombie) with a couple of accessories that include a big sandwich for Scooby, a newspaper and a glass, and an haunted tree.

The first look takes me to hours and hours of good time passed in front of the TV, watching Scooby and its friends. The Van is definitely pretty well recreated and it brings a lot of stuff to play with.

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Lego Scooby Doo – The first pics

Gradually, the first pics of the Scooby Doo sets have started surfing in the internet and a day after the Mystery Van (75902), we have the pleasure of seeing the head set of this theme, the Mystery Mansion (75904).

I’m quite excited with these two, not only because they brings back a lot of good memories but also because both sets seem pretty detailed and with a lot of stuff to enjoy. Scooby Doo itself looks very cool and worth for its own their purchase but the others are absolutely at the same level.

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