Lego Angry Birds – The Official Pictures

The pictures of the new Angry Birds sets have finally been unveiled showing the six new boxes, inspired on the movie. Personally, despite their color and playability, I’m not specially tempted by this theme however the King Pig’s Castle definitely looks quite appellative.

As you can see, the sets will be Piggy Car Escape (75821), Piggy Plane Attack (75822), Bird Island Egg Heist (75823), Pig City Teardown (75824), Piggy Pirate Ship (75825) and King Pig’s Castle (75286), and will available next

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Lego Angry Birds 2016 – The First Pictures

Images of the new Angry Birds sets have appeared in the internet, showing almost everything about the six new sets that will make part of the next wave. The picture seems to be from a Russian Catalogue but the main designations in terms of set names and birds (Red, Matilda, Stella, Bomb, Chuck, Mighty Eagle King Pig, Leonard, Pirate Pig, Biker Pig, Chef Pig and Foreman Pig among others) are already known for a while.

The set list will be constituted by the Escape from the Pigs’ Car (75821), Pigs’ Aerial Attack (75822), Egg Theft from Bird Island (75823), The Destruction of Pig City (75824) the Pigs’ Pirate Ship (75825) and finally the biggest of all, the Pig’s Castle (75826), that presumably will be available only next April.Lego-Angry-Birds-75822-75826

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Lego Angry Birds – A few details about the new 2016 sets

In a time when the official images are still a mystery, gradually there are some details that are beginning to surf in the Internet, namely in eurobricks. As you probably already know, there will be six new sets on this wave and their price will almost for sure be between the twenty and the ninety dollars which clearly indicate that there isn’t any small/cheap set in this wave.

On the other hand, there are at least five bird figures that will emerge from the game: Chuck, Bomb, Red, Marilda and Stella. In addition it’s almost certain that there will be a catapult on every set, which will definitely be awesome in terms of playability.Lego-Angry-Birds-2016-red

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