Lego 75167 – Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack

The Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack is a new Star Wars entry set that has just hit retail. With only two hundred and two pieces, it shows a small but detailed Speeder Bike with plenty of weapons and four mini-figures (Dengar, IG-88, Bossk and 4-LOM) with assorted guns.

I like this speeder! With a long nose and some nice blue pieces, it presents weapons everywhere: On both sides, a flick fire missile and right aside the pilot two useful stud shooters. Pretty interesting in such a small ship! The pilot has also a decent seat with a few minor handlers at his front.Lego-75167-Bounty-Hunter-Speeder-Bike-Battle-Pack-star-wars-1

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Lego Star Wars – 2017 Winter Official Pictures

New official pictures of the second wave of Star Wars sets have been unveiled, showing most part of the sets that will be available in the end of the Year and of course lots of great vehicles and space ships as well as new mini-figures.

The available set list includes ten new sets, some of them already known for a while, with sizes and prices for every wallet. Usually the bigger sets are the most appellative and there’s no doubt that the Tracker One is really very

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Lego Star Wars 2017 Summer Wave

The first wave didn’t hit stores yet, most part of the details about January new sets are still a mystery and here we go for the summer set line for star wars! Just like every time, please consider this list as a rumor and the names might not be on their final version.

The prices go from the fifteen dollars of the battle packs to the ninety of the Freemaker adventures and among them there a few medium size sets with prices around the sixty/seventy dollars such as the death gang or the Star Wars The Force Awakens, the Quadjumper. All of them should be only available next

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