The Death star (75159) has finally been officially presented

The new Star Wars Death Star (75159) has finally been presented by Lego, showing all the possible details and features, not only through the extensive gallery of pictures, but most of all in the long press release.

As I said a couple of days, this is most of all an upgrade of the 2008 model and there weren’t any radical changes towards the previous set (10188). Through a quick look to the press release, I would like to highlight the twenty three mini-figures, the bunch of weapons spread all over the station, the endless number of features and of course the extreme beauty of the set!lego-death-star-75159-star-wars

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Lego 75159 – The first impressions of the new Death Star

The new Star Wars set and probably the most desired in this next wave (especially for those who don’t have the previous model) , the Death star, has been revealed in a Lego Store (quite bizarre I would say!!) showing a pretty nice image of the update of this iconic space mobile battle station.

Compared with the 2008 model (10188), the main change is probably the mini-figures, twenty five in total, where some of them seem to be new. The most enthusiastic fans will surely find plenty of new details but overall, comparing the two, there aren’t many global changes as some rumors might

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