Lego Star Wars 2016 – The rest of the set list

In addition to the latest post, here you have a few more Star Wars 2016 pictures. There aren’t properly, for now, any big sets and on the other hand there are once again a few opportunities to get some mini-figures for a small price.

Two of them, in my opinion, highlight from the rest, and I mean specifically the Obi-Wan Jedi Interceptor (75135) which is awesome in terms of color design and playability, and the Carbon Freezing Chamber (75137) that besides the four mini-figures shows a fantastic color

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Lego Star Wars 2016 Set Images

The new star wars polybag (30605 – Finn (FN-2187)) that seems to be already available on retail brings a very pleasant surprise, a small sheet with a picture that includes the eight new sets that will be part of the first 2016 wave.

The image isn’t the best in terms of details but I must say that I’m quite curious about a few of them, namely the Hoth attack (75138) and the Obi-Wan’s Jedi Interceptor (75135). In addition, it looks like that there will be good opportunities to get a few star wars mini-figures without having to spend a lot of money, namely for instance with the Heroes battle Pack (75131) or the Villains Battle Pack (75132).lego-75131-75132-75133-75124-75135-75136-75137-75138-star-wars

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Lego Star Wars 2016 Mini-Figures

The end of the year is almost here as just as we get close to it, images and details of the 2016 sets are starting to surfing more intensively in the internet. And this time the “victims “are the star wars mini-figures that will be part of the next wave of sets.

In the image it is possible to see the twenty eight figures, all of them with pretty nice details. There won’t be any set with more than four guys and the set with fewer mini-figures will have two (which isn’t necessarily the smallest). It’s hard to pick a favorite but if I had to choose, I would certainly point my attention to the four soldiers of the Heroes Battle pack (75131) or to the golden C3PO of the Droid Escape Pod (75136).lego-star-wars-mini-figures-2016

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Lego 2016 Star Wars – First Official Info’s

Toysrus in Canada has recently listed the discriptions of some of the new 2016 star Wars sets. From the next wave now it is possible to imagine some great details about five new space ships and I’m sure that there will be more in a short while.

These five aren’t particularly big, there is also a small Microfighter set, the ghost (75127) that should retail arounf the thirteen Canadian Dollars and the biggest for now are the Droid Escape Pod (75141) and Kanan’s Speed Bike that will have a price around the thirty Canadian

Can’t wait to see of official images!

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