Lego 75101 – First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter

The new First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter is finally available. With a unique design, this Twin ion engines space ship brings four mini-figures four mini-figures (a couple of first order pilots, an officer and a crew member), all fully armed, in a total of five hundred and seventy pieces.

The playability and building experience isn’t as high as in other space ships, but I think that this is clearly compensated by its awesome shapes. The wings that, are attached to the central cockpit with a few technic pieces, are completely symmetric and mostly built with large plates with a long and thin black line on the’s curious, despite the wings size, Continue reading

Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens – The First Official Pictures

The official set box images of the new star wars the force awakens sets, which will be available in the beginning of 2016, have been surfing in the internet, showing seven sets of this new wave. In addition, there are also several details about it, namely its piece count, price and official names and my first impressions couldn’t be better.

The smaller set is a two hundred piece, the Rey’s speeder, which will retail around the twenty dollars and the biggest a new Millennium Falcon with more than one thousand and three hundred pieces and six mini-figures that will retail around the one hundred and fifty dollars.

Have a detailed look at the new set boxes and enjoy:

75099 – Rey’s Speeder Continue reading

Lego Star Wars Episode VII- The official set names

A list with the official names of the new sets of the star wars’ episode seven: the force awakens has been circulating in the net, showing not only the official prices on several markets but also their final piece count.

The list includes seven new sets of different sizes that goes from the smallest , the Ray speeder, a two hundred piece box for twenty dollars, to the biggest of all, the millennium falcon that will feature more than a thousand and three hundred pieces with a retail price around the hundred and fifty dollars.

The sets will hit markets only next September. Have a look at them: